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March 22nd, 2009

Choosing An Exercise Bike Type To Fit You
Have you found choosing an exercise bike type confusing? You are not alone. There has been an explosion of home fitness equipment on the market. The exercise bike is part of this explosion. Yes, figuring out manufacturers, exercise bike brands, models and terms can be a task. However, it is not one to pull your [...]

Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bikes
Magnetic Resistance Recumbents A Magnetic resistance recumbent exercise bike offers you a great choice for a quiet and consistent aerobic workout. Most of us that exercise know about stationary exercise bikes. Not only do they offer a awesome workout but they also keep your back and spine aligned so that you sit in a more comfortable [...]

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike Offers Magnetic Resistance
The Marcy magnetic recumbent exercise bike is budget priced with no frills. They are ideal if it is a good aerobic workout you desire. And don't need the bells and whistles found on other high end recumbent bikes. Boasting a quality build for the price Marcy recumbents bikes are solid. Two big benefits of the [...]

Ironman Transition Semi-Recumbent

Ironman Transition Semi-Recumbent

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